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Recent Feedback for #WeInnovatePgh


Great turnout for #UnstuckPgh today! Entrepreneurs of all industries and backgrounds making each other stronger! Loved that you had the city present as well as students. Shout out to The Trade Institute of Pittsburgh entrepreneurs-in-training for helping keep it all moving.


I come to #UnstuckPGH every Monday and it's a perfect start to my week! And it's particularly special this week for Inclusive Innovation week. I feel like I re-innovate myself every week at Unstuck with all of my friends and Pittsburgh family, most of whom I've met here. I love it.


Good morning! I'm here this morning to connect to like minded people. My organization, Digital Bridges Pittsburgh, teaches digital literacy and life skills to close the digital gap. Let's teach people about their tech!


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I've returned to unstuck pgh to add more structure to my life and to, hopefully, create valuable relationships and connections.

I hope to improve my networking skills and add any wisdom to my life that can encourage a mindset of planning and action.


I came to UnstuckPgh today because it's a thought provoking way to start the week with an enthusiastic set of leaders, makers, and do-ers

I hope to gain more inspiration from the cool stuff that others are doing in my community!


Why did I come to Unstuck PGH? I am new to the city so I came to meet new, like minded people in the city.

What did I hope to learn? I hoped to learn new things and find inspiration for my own entrepreneurial ideas.


I come to unstuckpgh to kickstart my week and critically think about how I'm living my life. It's inspiring to meet other innovators and connect with members of the community.


I come to UnstuckPgh because there's energy, positive thinking, and community. People are willing to start hard conversations and build bridges here. There is no excuse for doing nothing.


Excited to be at Unstuck today to meet new people and troubleshoot ideas. Thanks To The Shop for making this event and so many other events possible!


Been coming now for over a year, best non-networking, networking weekly event. Diversity, people who want to be part of a bigger change in Pittsburgh......

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Jeff Rose President & Publisher LOCALarts LOCALpittsburgh LOCALcollege (C) 412-215-6687 (O) 412-215-6759 [email protected]


Great to be here today and to see the innovative spirit in Pittsburgh.


When I had the idea for "Where's Black Tech in Pittsburgh" I thought I'd have cookies and 30 people. We ended up with a brunch, mimosas, and almost 80 attendees. I'm overwhelmed at the response and so happy that the tech community and black community came together to have a real discussion around black inclusion in tech.

I didn't get a chance to join any of the discussions, however, I learned just how's enthusiastic Pittsburgh is to make a difference. The city doesn't shy away from bringing up and trying to find a solution to "uncomfortable" topics.

What I'd like to see from this is a new energy around black tech in Pittsburgh. I'd like to see the people who came to the event continue to connect with each other and find ways to collaborate and bridge the gap. I hope to continue the conversation with the data I collected by having a few closed door meetings with the city of Pittsburgh, a few tech companies, and black businesses to create actionable steps to further this mission.

All in all, I'm so proud of everyone for coming out on a Saturday morning. That's true, proven willingness to listen, learn, and grow. Thank you all.


Hey, I attended the "Where is black tech in Pittsburgh" event and I can't express how so impressed and pleased I was. Kelauni has probably awaken a lot of us to resources and a networking avenue we never knew that was there. I think she has done something huge maybe even bigger than she may think. I thank you very much because I'm a baby in this world and I'm going to create many great things, but today was my time to begin growing. I met programmers, funding resources as well as just good people. The food was great and the atmosphere was friendly, positive and all about growth and success.


Many thanks to Kelauni, Vernard, Sponsors and everyone who created this space for us to come together and help find solutions #blacktechpgh

If there is anything I can do to help in the future, please don't hesitate to reach out?

Theresa Davis Information Delivery & Technology Manager E. Holdings, Inc. [email protected]


I want to help pressure the City of Pittsburgh government to be more knowledgeable about the situation around affordable housing and tech education so they can help solve the right problem.

Marylou Lenhart Co-Chapter Leader of Girl Develop It Pittsburgh [email protected]


I met Josh Lucas from Work Hard Pittsburgh. I learned he is looking High School Students in Pittsburgh and Aliquippa to learn coding on Saturdays starting in April 2017.

I would love to help and volunteer! -- [email protected]

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Listen. We have too many siloed communities fighting for scraps. We need to collaborate across multiple organization for a big fund raise to create system changing actions that have years of runaway.

Clap it up for Kelauni and @theshoppgh and the "Where is Black Tech?" event.


I met new allies! People who share my vision of a Pittsburgh less shaped by people's parochial tendencies where people are more likely to gather based on common interests and talents regardless of race or age or gender. It sounds corny but the reason people keep saying it is because it still isn't done.

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Who I Met:

Black women from Innovation Works looking to help businesses in my community (Hill District) to gain access to capital and sophisticated networks.

We need more events, conversations and actions like this. Let's not just talk diversity, let's DO IT.


24 out of 10,000! Only 36K out of 1.2 million! These stats need to change!


Inclusive Innovation week matters because as Pittsburgh seeks to become an more equitable, socially conscious, and triple bottom line driven metropolis, it is critical to bring visibility to persons, initiatives, and events of the OTHER Pittsburgh. The Pittsburgh filled with minorities who often go unnoticed despite their incalculable contributions.

Let's do more of this. It's excellent.


This event and other events as such matter to increase the knowledge of businesses who perform in the tech industry. This also allows us to become competitive like other cities do and help with its economy.